Trilogic has been active on the TV Broadcast market for 20 years, and we have never stopped widening our field of knowledge in order to fit as best as possible the needs of our customers.

Our Products
Advanced IP multiviewer covering the needs for any video and audio live streams monitoring application, LYRAE is compatible, with support for any kind of compressed, uncompressed video coming on RF, IP, ASI or SDI links. ALBIREO is the all-in-one encoder from Trilogic. Thanks to its versatility, it can encode many sources simultaneously to many types of targets: Broadcast (DVB, TSoIP) or IPTV/OTT (HLS, RTMP…)
CUTSCENE is an IPTV recorder with easy to use content extraction and publishing features. It is user-friendly and simple while packed with features, making it the perfect tool for legal recording, archives, VOD préparation or TV program creations. B2MOSAIC is a digital mosaic generation system. The various audio/video sources are composed into a single DVB service ready to be sent to your delivery networks along with the actual channels.