Other Products from Trilogic

B2STREAM is a DVB compliant multiplexer for generating Multi Program Transport Streams (MPTS) DVB-CNA is a Transport Stream monitoring solution for both on site and remote monitoring
MULTI-SLIDE ENCODER is an encoding system dedicated to encoding still images JPEG ou BMP (color bars / slideshows). The generated channels can be streamed on IP or added to a DVB multiplex.

ALCYONE is a TS to TS gateway allowing to capture several TS sources and create new services from them before rebroadcasting them on a different transport method.
DirectToAir is a software based solution that allows to generate a transport stream directly from images and audio of your computer. The generated stream can be viewed on any modern Television Set (DekTec modulation board required).

In addition to these products, Trilogic often creates specific softwares for customers. Our experience in the Broadcast technologies as well as the various software modules we already have developed allow us to respond quickly to specific requirements from customers. If your project requires a specific equipment or software not available off the shelf, don’t hesitate to contact us.