ALCYONE Mpeg2-TS to Mpeg2-TS Gateway

Alcyone is an Mpeg2-TS to Mpeg2-TS Gateway allowing several input streams to be put in proper services and then rebroadcasted on a different format.
With Alcyone, a complete DVB Multiplex can be created for the broadcast of TV and Radio channels.
Thanks to the various output options, the channels can be sent on IP networks or coax networks or even on terrestrial networks.
In addition, the equipment offers in-depth configuration options for the output services, allowing to filter PIDs, modify/add some SI tables or descriptors. (Allowing the insertion of custom data for digital signage, etc…)

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Supported Inputs

  • DVB-T (x4 ou x8)
  • DVB-S/S2 (x2 ou x4)
  • ASI (x1, x2, x4, x8)
  • IP (UDP/IP, multicast)

Services Configuration

  • Full multiplexer feature
  • Ability to add a complete service (including EIT p/f)
  • Elementary Stream Removal (per PID)
  • Elementary Stream Insertion (per PID)
  • PID Remapping
  • Custom Tables insertion


  • IP (UDP/IP, Multicast)
  • ASI (Option)
  • DVB-S (Option)
  • DVB-T (Option)
  • DVB-C (Option)

Hardware Characteristics

  • Dimensions 42.6 cm x 4.26 cm x 77.2cm
  • Redundant hot plug Power Supply (800 Watts)
  • Average consumption 350 W
  • Standard 19” rack, 1-RU
Specifications    Screenshot

Alcyone Screenshot