DVB-CNA DVB Stream Monitoring Solution

DVB-CNA is a performant monitoring solution for operators. It can give you a quick view of the channels in your main installation or in a remote location. The monitoring and analysis of the streams can be viewed remotely through a simple web browser.
All the key informations and alarms are presented in a straightforward GUI. No need to navigate in menus and submenus, all the information is available in 2 mouse clicks.

In addition to the ability to use DVB-CNA as an autonomous monitoring solution, it is also possible to use it as a remote probe in a larger global monitoring system.
The use of SNMP for raising the alarms and statuses of the monitored channels makes it easy to integrate with standard monitoring solutions while the log export feature allows to further troubleshoot the quality after the facts.

The modular architecture of DVB-CNA makes it easy to add features and customise the product for the specific needs of each user.

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  • Up to 4 simultaneous TS analysis
  • MPEG 2/TS and DVB streams real time monitoring
  • Detailled statistics on the elementary streams (ES) for each services
  • Video (HD/SD), Audio, Subtitles and Teletex Decoding
  • EIT/pf extraction
  • SI Tables information
  • ETR 290 analysis
  • Silence detection
  • Black frames detection
  • Freeze frames detection


  • IP
  • ASI
  • DVB-T
  • DVB-S/S2

Events Management

  • Events logging based on user configuration
  • Events search engine
  • Automatic recording of the TS stream triggered by events
  • SNMP based events and status management (traps + get)
Specifications    Screenshots    References
  • DVB-CNA TS Streams Monitoring
Specifications    Screenshots     References

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