About Us

Trilogic is a French R&D company specialized for 20 years in the conception and development of professional products for the digital video distribution (Broadcast: terrestrial, cable, satellite, IPTV…). Today our team has a strong and recognized experience in the DVB and IP Video domains, which allows us to offer a wide range of products for TV & digital radio, as well as the new multi-screen video distribution technologies.
Thanks to its light structure, Trilogic is a truly agile company and relies on its skills to design competitive and innovative solutions, which integrate the latest technologies in the market (OTT, HEVC, 4K…)
Our products are used in many countries in the world and can adapt to local specificities. We are able to customize them to meet our customers specific requirement.
Among the very first users of DekTec products (modulation cards, SDI interfaces, DVB analyzer …) and thanks to our technical expertise, we have been selected by DekTec as their exclusive distributor for France since 2003.