B2Stream DVB Multiplexer

B2Stream is a DVB Multiplexer that generates in real time a transport stream from the multiplexing of various inputs (TS, interactive TV data, video/audio elementary streams, PSI/SI…).
An XML API is available to create a custom GUI for example. B2Stream is built on a client/server architecture with XML based transactions. The remote administration allows several users to interact with their own configuration and access rights.
B2Stream’s web based user interface allows to remotely control all the aspects of the multiplexer. In addition, it offers various views to control the operations of the multiplexer.


 Real time Interactive Applications broadcast (OpenTV TM , MediaHighway TM )
 Audio/Video Broadcast
 Easy PSI/SI generation (PAT, PMT, NIT, SDT, TDT, EIT)
 Stream editing (PID remapping, filtering, etc…)
 Synchronisation of video service and interactive content (can be triggered by an external automation server)
 Real Time updates (using network sockets)
 Live input remux
Specifications    Screenshot    References
  • DVB ASI output interface up to 50 Mbps
  • DVB ASI input interface up to 50 Mbps
  • GigaEthernet interface for management
  • GigaEthernet interface for data
  • Can broadcast up to 50 interactive services simultaneously
  • Windows TM OS
Specifications    Screenshot    References
B2Stream Screenshot
Specifications    Screenshots     References
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