CUTSCENE Content Extraction and Publication

CUTSCENE is an easy to use content recording, extraction and publishing tool for video content.
From the original live content to the extraction and publishing on video sharing platforms with proper meta-data, CUTSCENE helps on all the steps.
Using the content provider scheduling data and a smart user in- terface, it allows the user to quickly select the video clip in and out points with high accuracy. It can then concatenate several sequences and add an intro / outro at the edges of the generated clip.
The publishing of the clip can be done on a file server or directly on the video sharing platforms
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Recording of the input stream

CUTSCENE continuously records the input stream for an access to the recordings at any time. Working on the live stream allows to use the actual broadcasted content as an input instead of using contents from the MAM Database (Media Asset Management) when it can’t be known for sure that they have been actually broadcasted and at what time.

Simple Editing

CUTSCENE has an intuitive interface for adjusting the mark-in mark-out of the segments to extract. The generation and addition of the intro/outro with text burn-in coming from the metadata can be configured to be triggered automatically.


CUTSCENE can import metadata in order to preselect the segments to be extracted. In addition, CUTSCENE can generate metadata at the output to go with the extracted audio/video content. That metadata can be formated for the import of the video on VOD systems for example.

1-click Publishing

The direct export to video sharing platforms (YouTube, Facebook, DailyMotion, etc.) is made as simple as it is possible in CUTSCENE. In 1 click, the extracted video content is sent to the various platforms together with the title, description, category, keywords, etc…


For an efficient integration in the customer’s workflow, CUTSCENE can be customised extensively. From the metadata structure to the layout on the user interface, all parts of CUTSCENE can be fine tuned to fit perfectly the user needs.

Key Features    Use Cases    Diagram    Specifications    Screenshots    References

Video clips extraction and publication on Youtube/FaceBook

CUTSCENE combines the live stream recording functionality with a smart extraction and publishing feature that allows easy and quick video sharing on video sharing platforms such as Youtube, DailyMotion and Facebook. Thanks to the integration of these various features, CUTSCENE allows linear content providers and producers to publish easily snippets, teasers or full length programs from live programs and linear channels.
In order to automatically extract and publish video clips from the recordings, CUTSCENE uses metadata imported from the automation system (Play out).
These metadata are also used to fill automatically the title, description and tags of the video to publish.

Legal Recording: Recording of live stream and extraction from these recorded archives

CUTSCENE records the input streams without any alteration on the video and audio. Each recorded images are timestamped and CUTSCENE’s date and time based search feature allows to find any video segment easily, preview and extract as a standard video file playable with any video player. This archive can be used to check potential claims made to the TV Channel.

Broadcast proof for TV/Radio commercials

CUTSCENE records the linear channel as it has been broadcasted. In addition, with its ability to import the detailled program gris metadata, it is easy to search for the recording of a segment including a specific commercial and extract it including the few seconds before and after in order to provide context to the broadcasted commercial.

Key Features    Use Cases    Diagram    Spécifications    Screenshots    References
Key Features    Use Cases    Diagram    Specifications    Screenshots    References

Input streams

  • IP: SPTS/MPTS.UDP,Unicast,Multicast(IGMPv3)
  • OTT: HLSstreams

Video Processing

  • Concatenation of the different video segments
  • Transcoding to a different video format
  • Insertion of Intro/Outro using preset video samples
  • Burn in of title, description, end roll from metadata with control of the font type, size and position
  • Burnin of timestamp

Codecs for the input

  • Audio: AAC(LCv1v2),MPEG2Audio
  • Vidéo: H.264


  • Parsing of scheduling metadata for pre-tagging the input stream easily.
  • Output of metadata file along with the video clip file

User Interface

  • Video and Audio preview from the interface
  • Comprehensive management GUI
  • Compatible avec les derniers navigateurs web
  • Easy to use marking interface with GOP accuracy
  • Input/Edit form for the metadata of the output file. Can be prefilled if relevant metadata is imported.
  • Customisable buttons and controls for a seamless integration with end-user workflow

Output options

  • Video file download or FTP upload
  • Audio only export is possible (example: for podcasts)
  • Upload to video sharing platforms (requires the credentials of the end user)
  • XML file containing the metadata of the video clip for archiving or later publishing
Key Features    Use Cases    Diagram    Specifications    Screenshots    References
Key Features    Use Cases    Diagram    Specifications    Screenshots     References
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